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Who are we?

We are all professional travellers, travel professionals and explorers of the world. Because of this we have the logistical experience, earned from years within the global travel industry, for both the simplest and most complicated of itineraries.

We offer custom bespoke itineraries and authentic tours for all price ranges, through some of the most interesting and life changing parts of the world.

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Travel as a force for good

We believe in travel being a force for good. We are nothing without our destinations and, with a number of us having young children, we are extremely aware that the destinations we visit today may look markedly different, or not exist, later in our children’s lifetimes.

Our aim, through travel, is to both provide opportunities for remote communities to benefit from the wonders of their areas and ensure they are around for future generations to enjoy. We are also passionate about building communities focused on constant learning, cultural understanding and shared travel experiences.

A new way of doing things

We firmly believe that travellers need to stop doing trips that they “should” be doing and instead do the adventures they actually want to do. After all, we don’t want to just throw you on a tour that suits our needs. The trip should always be created around your dream.

The same applies for the Society. For example, by offering our team the option to work from anywhere there is a reliable internet signal we have been able to hunt for the finest experts for all our destinations, irrespective of their location. We also don’t have a website loaded with tours to put you on.

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Why travel with us?

Travel isn’t what is used to be. It used to be undertaken with a sense of adventure and discovery. As the world shrunk, so did our imaginations and over time, manufactured experiences, sponsored travel lists and mass tourism have slowly extinguished that magic. Amazing destinations, catering to the crowds, have become overwhelmed shadows of their former selves.

And so, we established The Explorer Society to be a travel company for like‑minded travellers. It’s for those who travel for the destination and the incredible experiences to be found within, not just for the bragging rights. We are passionate about avoiding the crowds and providing real and revelatory experiences.

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We always try to maintain as open and honest a conversation with you as we can throughout the entire process. We are happy to chat about what we recommend, why, and why we do what we do.

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Do good, be good

The destinations we visit should be around for future generations to enjoy. We want the benefits of your visit go to those in the local area you visited, not some big corporation elsewhere.

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Value ≠ Cost

What something costs isn’t the same as what something is worth. We always try to get the best value for your trip, irrespective of how you choose to travel and what budget you have.

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Experience first

The experience always comes first. This might mean five‑star luxury, three‑star simplicity or a camp out under millions of stars, whatever ultimately best suits the experience you’re after.

Don’t just take our word for it

“I would recommend The Explorer Society every time.”

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“I would not hesitate to recommend them for your African getaway.  I will certainly use them again.”

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“Cannot recommend highly enough!”

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“Seamless and perfectly executed, I would recommend The Explorer Society to anyone.”

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“I would recommend The Explorer Society and will be definitely using them in the future.”

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Meet the Founders

Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards

Co‑Founder and Chief Exploration Officer

Originating from the UK, Martin’s first real exploration was in his early twenties when he backpacked for 12 months around the world.  During this time he, as a challenge, travelled over 7,000 km by public transport between Nairobi and Cape Town. Since then, he has also climbed Kilimanjaro twice, rafted the mighty rapids of the Zambezi, journeyed through the Middle East countless times and explored the wonders of South America. Always with a thirst for adventure and exploration, he has also run multiple ultramarathons when not exploring new regions of the world or enjoying the great outdoors with his young family in Sydney.

Cameron Neill

Co‑Founder and Chief Explorer

Cameron began his travel lifestyle in earnest shortly after his 21st birthday. Living out of a backpack for over six years he lived, worked and travelled through countries all over the world. Along the way he masqueraded as an English teacher, a white‑water rafting guide, an alpine ski worker, a cruise ship entertainer and a scuba divemaster. He also enjoys filmmaking, photography and writing, with his work published in a variety of publications. Now mostly based in Australia, he spends much of each year exploring new areas of the world with his wife and young son.

Cameron Neill

Our planning process

Planning travel should be exciting, but it can be exhausting. There is so much information and so little clarity, you often end up more confused than when you began.

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The Why

Sometimes it’s simple and easy to figure out. Sometimes it means asking you more questions and diving deep into your motivations.

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The How

We’ll walk you through the whole planning and booking process. We want to make sure you are travelling on the trip that best suits you, not anyone else.

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The Adventure

We will be there from the first moment you get in touch until after you come back home with countless memories to share.

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